Ericka Nelson

Ericka has been riding her whole life, she high-school rodeoed, and then went on to college on a rodeo scholarship at the University of West Alabama. Ericka went to the college rodeo finals in 3 events. Fun Fact! She has gone to the Professional Cowboy Association Rodeos and qualified to those finals more in the breakaway than in the barrels. She started riding horses and training for people while she was in college, then did it on a limited basis when I was teaching the 2nd grade. Ericka married in 2008 to JB, and had her daughter, Rainey in 2011 and wanted to stay home with her so she increased the number of training horses and sold my rodeo horses to make that happen. In 2017, she decided to try and make the NFR, knowing she would need to do that to get into the big indoor rodeos for the next year. In 2018, Ericka was in the top 15 until the end of July, where she finished in the top 25 that year. 

 Then, in 2019 she qualified for the NFR, 10th in the world aboard GoodFrenchmanFriday (Friday) and PC Cash (Bud). Ericka says she ”is so thankful for the Kahm products, my favorite for the horses is the Apple pellets daily and my favorite for myself is the daily gummy. They have been a huge asset to my program and I couldn’t go without either. I’ve tried to make it without the gummy for me but quickly know I’m a much better me when I’m able to take them every day. The pellets keep the belly settled and I believe reduce the amount of injecting I have to have done. I love that it’s natural and good for them. I don’t want to fill them with unnecessary stuff but do want them to be as happy and healthy as possible. I know Kahm helps me achieve that!”