If you are hesitant to walk into your local CBD shop, or place an order online, there’s a fair chance you might have fallen victim to one of the prevalent myths that makes you concerned about CBD oil. So, we have put together a list of the most prevalent myths about CBD oil that need to be debunked.

Myth 1: CBD Oil is the New Snake Oil

We know that the CBD industry can seem like the wild west. But the fact of the matter is, there are just too many happy customers out there for this myth to be true. As the science behind the magic of CBD increases, so does the idea that using CBD is taboo. So do your research, and choose the best product for you. 

Myth 2: CBD Oil Makes You High

No, it doesn’t. People seem to think that CBD has the same mind-altering effects as marijuana, which is not really true. Yes, marijuana and hemp belong to the same family but the two plants are made up of completely different biologically-active compounds.

Myth 3: CBD Products Are All The Same

Again, not true. In fact, the quality of CBD products, be it tincture or capsule, varies widely. The amount and potency of the CBD present in any product depends on the source. You need to know the source of your CBD. Plus, make sure the company is transparent enough to reveal all the active ingredients in their CBD products.

Myth 4: CBD Oil is Addictive

This one is understandable. But it’s not true. According to the WHO, CBD shows absolutely no evidence indicative of dependence or abuse in humans. To date, there is zero evidence that might suggest CBD is addictive.

Myth 5: Oils Should Be Used At Home

CBD is not marijuana. You are not going to take a dose and not be able to operate a car or complete your work. In fact, many use the products while at work, helping them calm their nerves and relax as the hecticness of the day gets to be too much to handle.

Try Kahm CBD Oil and See for Yourself

We always encourage our customers to do their own research. So, here is a good resource provided by the FDA on CBD and other cannabis-derived products. You can also see what our customers are saying about our all-natural, Non-GMO CBD products. For any questions or concerns, reach out to us at 702-635-8899 or send us a message here.