CBD pellets for horses has quickly become one of the most popular forms of CBD to give horses for its convenience. Whole plant benefits are provided to horses of all disciplines and sizes by simply topping your horses feed with small amount twice daily. As more and more scientific research is becoming available, horse owners are becoming increasingly interested in the benefits.

We know you have questions, and we are here to answer them. Most horse owners want to know if CBD pellets for horses is safe? How do you give it to your horse? How quickly does it start to work? How long do the CBD pellets for horses last?

As you continue reading, we hope that we cover all of the basics and that you’ll learn all the answers to these questions about CBD pellets for horses and more!



What exactly are CBD pellets for Horses?sweet-flavored-pellets-for-horses

A pellet is a small, compressed mass of substance. CBD pellets for horses are made by taking the flowers and stems of the hemp plant and compressing them into pellets so that the whole plant benefits can be given to horses. Why do we use only the flowers and stems? Because that’s where the cannabinoids and terpenes are present.

Cannabidiol or CBD is one of many naturally occurring cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. These natural compounds are found within the plant’s flowers and leaves. Which is why it’s important to use the entire plant, so that all cannabinoids and terpenes present can be included in the CBD pellets for horses.



Are CBD Pellets for Horses Safe?

While CBD has been around for many years, its increasing popularity has some horse owners questioning whether CBD pellets for horses is safe? In one study on the safety of CBD pellets in horses, it was noted that there were no negative side effects found either behaviorally or on blood work at 15 times the suggested serving.

This particular study was done at Oklahoma State University, with CBD pellets for horses that were made of full-spectrum hemp with no fillers, binders, etc. and were fed to a herd of 15 lame horses.


How to give CBD Pellets for Horses

Whether you let your horse graze all day or have a set feeding schedule, giving CBD pellets for horses is a breeze to add to your routine. First you need to determine which of the following flavors of pellets your horse would prefer.

At Kahm, we have tested the palatability of our pellets and narrowed it down to three options.

  • Our most popular option is the apple flavored pellets. Horse owners agree, apple is the most universal flavor for horses making it an obvious choice.
  • Our second most popular flavor and a hidden gem is our sweet flavor. It is vanilla based and is a great option for horses that do not care for apple, or those you just want to give something different to.
  • We offer a natural flavor for the “plain jane’s” of the group or the horses who just don’t have a preference.


With three palatable options, simply choose which option you think your horse would enjoy the most and top grain with the correct amount of CBD pellets for horses twice daily. They will simply eat the CBD pellets for horses along with their grain. Our products all come with suggested serving size guidelines based on weight to help you find the starting recommended amount for your horse, which we breakdown in the following section.


How much of the CBD Pellets for Horses should I give?

There are two popular ways you can give these CBD pellets for horses. The most common option is twice daily for maintenance. We recommend giving the average size horse 1-2 scoops twice daily. We break down the weight range and recommendations on our labels as follows.


Directions For Use:

  • 150-500 lbs. ½ – 1 Scoop 2x Daily
  • 500-1200 lbs. 1 – 2 Scoops 2x Daily
  • 1200-2500 lbs. 2 – 3 Scoops 2x Daily


*It’s important to note that some horse owners have mentioned that they can give a double serving once daily and find the same results.

The second option we commonly see is giving a higher amount of the pellets prior to competition. Our starting recommendation for a pre-event serving is:

  • Pre-Race Option: 1 – 4 Scoops, 2 Hours Prior to Eventkahm-cbd-pellets

As always, these are starting recommendations, and you should always start with a lower amount and slowly increase until you reach the desired effect for your horse.


How Quickly do the CBD Pellets for Horses Work?

We recommend giving our CBD pellets for horses 2 hours prior to your event, as they take about that long to reach peak concentration when utilizing them as a pre-event product. For more long term or maintenance issues, horse owners have noticed results within 2-7 days. We recommend giving our CBD pellets for horses at least 30 days for maintenance to see full results. In fact, we have packaged our pellets in 1lb containers which contain 60 servings and is a 1-month supply for one horse to make it easier on you.


How long do CBD Pellets for Horses last in their system?

The reason we recommend giving our CBD pellets for horses twice daily is that after about 12 hours the effects will start to wear off slowly. If you give the CBD pellets for horses twice daily then you will allow your horse to have a constant level of CBD in their system, which will allow for better results. By doing so you allow the benefits to reach full effects. While there are water-soluble CBD products for quick onset geared towards pre-performance use, our CBD pellets for horses are most used as a daily product for maintenance.


Give Kahm’s CBD Pellets for Horses

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that horse owners will ALWAYS put their horses before themselves. That’s why you can trust Kahm to have the best quality products, including our CBD pellets for horses. We’re horse owners to the core and will always put them first too. So, whether you rodeo, ranch, rein, or cut we have your back with the #1 CBD Pellets for Horses. Contact us today with any questions.