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cbd and dogs

10 Things You Never Knew About CBD and Dogs

cbd and dogsToday, 60.2% of households in the U.S. have dogs as family members. That represents about 89.7 million doggos!

These figures already show how much us humans love our furry household members. We love them so much we treat them like our own. In fact, scientists say we love our pet dogs the way we love our own kids.

In that regard, we can pretty much say that dogs are like humans. But because they’re so much like us, they develop similar health problems.

This has led to many wondering if CBD and dogs mix. After all, CBD has proven time and time again it can treat so many human diseases. The logical assumption here is that, if it works for us, it’ll likely work for them too.

So, will it?

In this post, we’ll delve into the world of cannabidiol and the parts they play in dogs’ health. Keep reading to find out what!

1. The Case of Dog Medications vs. CBD Products

Again, dogs being much like humans make them susceptible to the same diseases we suffer from. There are fever, arthritis, diabetes, tooth cavities, and heart disease to name a few. Although not all dogs will suffer from these conditions, they’re still quite common.

In any case, one thing’s for certain. Most, if not all pet owners panic when something’s not right with their pawed pals. So, they turn to OTC and prescription medications.

The thing is, dog medications are like those for humans too. In the sense that they can also cause serious negative side effects.

There’s the case of doxycycline, for instance. A study found that the drug may cause side effects like vomiting, diarrhea, and anorexia.

Another is Sentinel, the oral tablets said to protect against fleas and a wide array of worms. One report said there were more than 800 cases of the drug causing side effects within 18 months! These include loss of appetite, vomiting, convulsions, and breathing problems among many others.

These are only some of the many other reported side effects of pet medications. But they’re enough to make any dog owner concerned. Because of these risks, many have started to look for safer alternatives.

Enter CBD products designed for dogs. The most common is CBD oil for dogs, although you’ll also find tinctures and topicals. There are also CBD edibles, in the form of dog treats!

The question now is, what makes these products safer than dog medications? What exactly is this “CBD” that goes into them in the first place? Let’s take a look.

2. CBD is Safe for Both Humans and Animals (Yes, Including Your Dog)

The cannabis plant, in general, has been the subject of extensive scientific studies. The PubMed platform alone already boasts about 20,000 cannabis-related studies. Many of these studies are for CBD.

So, what’s CBD?

It’s one of the 113 cannabinoids found in marijuana. Cannabinoids are chemical compounds that give the plant its medicinal and recreational properties.

What makes CBD so special is its long list of health-beneficial properties. In fact, none other than the World Health Organization approves its use on humans and animals. The organization even went as far as to say that cannabidiol has no public health risk.

That should already tell you that CBD is safe for dogs. It does have side effects (more on this later). But they’re not dangerous like those from prescription or OTC medications.

3. No, CBD Won’t Get Your Mutt High

CBD being a marijuana component doesn’t mean it’s psychoactive. What you’re thinking of is THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). THC is the compound that makes people who consume cannabis “high”.

A quick note: Granted, THC is more notorious for its hallucinogenic effects. However, numerous studies found that it contains both medicinal and psychoactive properties. It shares much of the healing benefits of CBD, but with the side effect of feeling high.

In essence, that’s the main difference between the two cannabinoids. So, to address your concern of CBD making your dog (or your horse) high, the simple answer is no, it won’t.

Keep in mind that we’re talking about pure CBD though. Some products may contain THC, something you should be on the lookout for. Which brings us to the next important thing you should know about CBD for dogs.

4. The Safety of CBD Products for Dogs Lies in the Right Dosage

One of the most important considerations when buying pet CBD products is THC content. You need to make sure the product contains less than 0.3% THC.

For one, because you want to be sure you’re buying something legal. Legal-wise, only CBD products with this amount of THC make the cut.

What’s more important though is your dog’s safety. Although humans are quite tolerant of THC at higher levels, animals aren’t. Your furry pal is a lot more sensitive to this psychoactive compound.

That said, if you want to give your dog CBD, get him or her something that doesn’t have more than 0.3% THC. Better yet, buy a CBD dog product that contains 0% THC.

5. CBD and Dogs with Ailments: A Pawfect Match

Now that we’ve covered the technicalities, let’s talk about what CBD can do for your pawed family member.

If you’re like most pet owners, you likely panic when something’s not right with your dog. Again, them being like humans make them susceptible to the same diseases we suffer from. There’s chronic pain, arthritis, anxiety, and heart disease to name a few.

This is where the benefits of CBD oil for dogs come into play. CBD’s properties have the potential for treating all the above-mentioned conditions. In fact, the findings of many studies show that CBD can help with plenty of other health problems!

How’s that for an amazing and much-safer alternative to pet medications?

6. Cannabidiol for Fighting Pains

Let’s start with the most common reason people use CBD: To help manage and reduce pain.

According to this study, cannabinoids (including CBD) lessen neuropathic pain. The researchers also found that CBD suppresses inflammation. Furthermore, they pointed out its ability to ease pain from heat hypersensitivity.

A separate review of clinical studies supports these findings. In fact, the reviewers said that CBD may have “significant side benefits”. Aside from pain relief, this cannabinoid also has anti-nausea and anti-vomiting effects.

No wonder then that chemotherapy patients have turned to CBD to cope with their symptoms!

In any case, consider CBD oil if your dog has been showing symptoms of pain. Is your pet sleeping more or you’ve noticed constant localized licking? High-quality CBD dog oil may help.

7. CBD Oil for Dogs with Arthritis

Since we’re on the subject of pain, let’s talk about CBD oil benefits for dogs with arthritis.

Yes, dogs can also develop arthritis. This occurs much like how arthritis in humans does.

As dogs age, the surfaces of their joint’s cartilages thin out. The aging process also kills many of their cartilage cells. When this happens, their body releases inflammation-inducing enzymes.

When the cartilage becomes too thin, the bone under that deteriorates. Osteophytes, or bony growths, can also develop.

All these can then put your dog in pain. The pain can be too much that they can no longer move about as they did in their younger years. Furthermore, this decrease in movement can lead to their muscles atrophying.

So, how does CBD help with pain management, especially pain caused by arthritis? It’s much like how CBD helps fight pain while also combating inflammation.

One study found CBD to have a significant pain-reducing effect on rats with arthritis. The study involved applying a CBD topical on these rats for four days. After the testing period, the findings revealed the rats were in much less pain.

Aside from pain reduction, the researchers also discovered reduced inflammation. All these benefits without the CBD topical causing unwanted side-effects.

There are also some research studies on CBD for osteoarthritis. One of these found that cannabidiol offered similar therapeutic effects on osteoarthritic rats. The researchers say that CBD application reduced the pain caused by their condition.

You may want to consider CBD as a way to help your arthritic dog. This way, you can keep them active and happy for the rest of their doggy years!

8. CBD Can Also Help Reduce Anxiety and Depression Symptoms in Dogs

CBD is also making headlines in the world of mental health. That’s because research has found this cannabinoid to have anxiolytic effects. It also exhibited panicolytic properties, as well as anti-compulsive activity.


Anxiolytic, which means anti-anxiety, while panicolytic means anti-panic. Anti-compulsive is pretty much self-explanatory.

In any case, all these findings point to how CBD can help in the treatment of mental disorders. There’s anxiety, depression, and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Dogs can suffer from anxiety and depression too. They often show it through aggressive behavior, excessive panting, and destructive activities. Constant pacing, drooling, trembling, and hiding are also common symptoms.

That said, the aforementioned CBD properties may help your mutt overcome these conditions. Remember, it’s not only you (and your wallet) suffering from these behaviors. Your pawed family member is in way more suffering.

9. Improved Heart Health of Your Doggo

A British Journal of Pharmacology study confirms CBD as anti-inflammatory. It also lists antioxidant in the already-long list of cannabidiol benefits. But that’s not all.

It also found that CBD can reduce the unwanted effects of damaged blood vessels! Furthermore, the study noted the cannabinoid helped reduce irregular heart rates.

What does this mean to your dog then? For starters, CBD can help improve heart health in both dogs and humans. This can then result in preventing heart diseases and ultimately, heart failure.

A separate study supports others’ findings that CBD is anxiolytic. It found that cannabidiol has a similar effect as diazepam. The bonus is, CBD doesn’t come with the same adverse side effects of the drug.

Keep in mind that anxiety can strain your dog’s heart. CBD may help counter anxiety and the condition’s effects on your dog’s heart.

In short, CBD oil can help your mutt live a longer, happier life!

10. Cannabidiol and Other Health Problems

If you need even more reason to give CBD to your dog, how about protection for brain cell death? If your beloved canine pal is reaching his senior years, CBD can help protect his brain. Studies have found that cannabidiol has neuroprotective properties.

This means that cannabinoid fights free radicals that can cause cell death. These toxins become more active in aging dogs. That said, growing old comes with increased risk for nervous system disorders.

Here’s another compelling reason: CBD can protect against inflammatory bowel disease! Cannabidiol has shown anti-inflammatory behavior in test subjects with intestinal inflammation. Aside from helping prevent colitis, it may also help bring gut motility back to normal.

This is good news for dogs suffering from constant upset stomachs and sensitivity. In this sense, CBD may help promote better digestion and healthier bowel movement in your dog.

Give Your Dog the Healthy and Happy Life He Deserves

Based on all these studies, you can already see how CBD and dogs mix well. Especially doggos suffering from a wide array of health conditions. With CBD boasting such an impressive list of health benefits, it’s wrong for you not to let your dog enjoy them.

Your dog deserves to live a happy and healthy life. So, as early as now, consider introducing high-quality CBD oil products into his daily regimen.

Want even more insider info on how cannabidiol products can help your pets? Our blog has more of what you’re looking for!

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