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CBD Dog Treats

CBD Dog Treats

Best Health-Related CBD Dog Treats:

When it comes to keeping your dog at its healthiest, adequate nutrition is the key. If you want to keep your dog healthy feed them the right stuff. Packing their diet full of everything that they require, can positively impact their general health and wellness.

Food should not only taste amazing to encourage but should also be packed full of all the right nutrients. When it comes to dog treats, too many of them lack the essential vitamins and minerals and are full of unhealthy fats and additives. There are also a wide range of different treats that are designed to offer various health benefits. It’s just a case of choosing the right ones for your dog.

Wondering which treats are actually good for your dog and safe for them to consume? Then read on for everything that you need to know about which dog treats are and aren’t safe.

CBD Dog TreatsCBD dog treats

When it comes to dog treats, CBD dog treats are one of the best options for dogs who suffer from pain, arthritis, and anxiety, in addition to being great training treats. Whether your dog is suffering from illness-related pain, has inflamed joints, or seems overly anxious, aggressive behavior, you may find that feeding him CBD dog treats could help as CBD dog treats come with a wide range of health benefits. One of the benefits of these treats is that they are free from any potentially harmful chemicals and are made in the USA, unlike many other dog treats.

Jerky dog treats

Various brands of jerky dog treats were recalled in 2012 due to the fact that the toxins in many brands of jerky were causing the dogs consuming it to become sick. 1000’s of these dog’s illnesses proving fatal. Today, the USA is stringent in regards to what goes into jerky treats sold, but that doesn’t mean the internet takes this threat as seriously. Many jerky dog treats sold online contain the harmful chemicals that can make dogs seriously ill or even prove fatal. That’s why it’s crucial to be mindful of where you buy your jerky from. If you want to feed your dog jerky as a treat, making it yourself is an option that is worth considering or why not choose an alternative treat, such as CBD dog treats?


Rawhide chews have a love-hate relationship with dog owners. Some dog owners love these chews, while others hate them – and for good reason. Although these treats are sold as being good for teething and keeping teeth healthy in older dogs, they are chemically treated and also pose a choking hazard. There are a large range of dog treats that can aid dental hygiene in dogs, these aren’t the only option available. For instance, the CBD dog treats that Plantacea offer can also be highly beneficial and are far safer.

Flavored dog treats

Any flavored dog treat – from beefy bones to chicken treats – can be bad for your dog. The fact is that when you buy low-quality dog treats, often the meat that’s used in them to create the flavor of beef or chicken is not listed. Instead, something like ‘meat and bone meal’ is listed. This is bad because not all meats are suitable for dogs. That’s why higher end brands, such as Plantacea CBD dog treats list the actual meat being used and the percentage of meat in the treats. Always look at what meat is being used in a dog treat and never purchase treats that simply state ‘meat’ without outlining what that meat is.

When it comes to choosing dog treats, it’s important to realize that not all treats are born equal. Not only are some dog treats unhealthy for your pet but that can also be dangerous, so choosing the treats you feed your dog carefully is crucial.

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