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CBD For Horses

CBD For Horses

CBD Oil – AKA hemp oil – is often used in human medicine and wellbeing, but what many people don’t realize is that CBD for horses can be highly effective for the health and wellness of horses too. It’s the same with many medications and supplements that we use as humans – they can be highly beneficial for our pets too.

Wondering how CBD for horses can aid horse health? Below is a guide to all the amazing ways that CBD oil can be beneficial to horses and why you should consider using it to aid your horse’s health and wellbeing. For everything that you need to know, read on.

Does your horse suffer from stress and anxiety?  CBD for horses stress

Horses are just as prone to stress and anxiety as we are as humans, and often find changes to their routine or moving to a new paddock or stable highly stressful. When it comes to equine stress and anxiety, the impact can be huge and can result in a wide range of health issues, from refusing food to becoming spooked easily. That’s why dealing with these kinds of issues head on is so important and the use of CBD for horses on a regular basis in tablet or capsule form can be incredibly effective.

Does your horse have digestive problems?

Gut problems are becoming increasingly common in horses just like they are in people, which is why digestive health is more important than ever. Horses are prone to a range of digestive health problems, from heartburn and indigestion to potentially more serious colic. However, the good news is that certain supplements, such as CBD for horses can be hugely beneficial when it comes to your horse’s digestive health, if given regularly that is. A word to the wise, slowly build up the amount that you give them over time, starting with a small dose and building on it over a few weeks.

Is your horse in pain?

It’s a well-known fact that horses are prone to pain and inflammation in their joints, especially their front legs which bare the strain from most of their weight. However, when it comes to pain and soreness, most vets recommend prescription drugs. The issue is that while effective, these drugs tend to have a range of not so nice side effects. However, if you opt to use CBD for horses instead, this should provide adequate pain relief and reduction of inflammation without any nasty side effects. This is especially important for working horses and racehorses, as pain and inflammation can result in an end to their careers. It’s important to give the oil a chance to work, as results are not instant, it takes a few weeks to start seeing a change.

CBD For Horses offers a wide range of health and wellness benefits for horses, it’s just a case of giving it a chance to work and ensuring that your horse consumes the correct amount on a regular basis. There’s a lot of health benefits that come from this oil, so it’s worthwhile taking advantage of it, if it means that your horse’s health will improve as a result.

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