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CBD Gels

CBD Gels – Softgel Capsules

The health benefits of CBD oil for pets and people alike are amazing. It’s no secret that these hemp oil-based supplements come with a range of incredible health benefits. From helping to reduce pain caused by illness and joint problems to aid digestive health, CBD oil offers many benefits.

It’s no secret that CBD is a powerful health supplement. However, the question a lot of people struggle with is the best method of taking CBD. When it comes to using this alternative treatment, what’s the best option?

Out of all the options of taking CBD as a supplement, pills tend to be the most popular option. There are also oils, powders, and pastes to choose from. However, it’s the pill form, such as CBD gels (capsules), that tend to work the best for humans and pets alike. Pills are also effective because they can guarantee that the exact dosage is available. Rather than having to estimate the amount of CBD that is being taken.

The question is, which type of pill is best? Are capsules, traditional pills or CBD gels the best option? Below we delve a little deeper to determine which option is best when it comes

Are soft gels capsules best?

A capsule is, without a doubt, a simple and accurate way to get the right dose of medication. The actual drug is in pill form, but the supplement is inside a hard or soft edible canister. This is usually made from a gelatin substance. When a medication doesn’t compact into a solid pill easily, this form is often used.

Do traditional pills work best?

Pills are a traditional option that is the medication mashed up and set in pill shape, compressed and ready for swallowing. The aim is to make the pill as small as possible, to make it as simple to swallow as possible. Whereas sometimes CBD gels, for instance, are larger.

Are gel capsules a good idea?

CBD gels are very similar to regular capsules as they have an outer gelatine shell with the supplement inside. However, the difference is that they contain oil rather than a solid form of the supplement or medication. This offers faster absorption into the bloodstream.

Choosing which option is best for you and your pet can be a little difficult. Especially, as each tends to be as effective as each other for getting the medication into the bloodstream. However, CBD gels do tend to work more quickly and are often easier to swallow as they tend to be softer. This is what makes them one of the best options for pets.

Of course, in the end, it’s purely down to personal preference. You have to choose the option that is best for you and your pet. Ask yourself, what would be best for you, your dog, cat, horse, etc. and choose that option. Not sure which is best? You can always discuss this with your vet or your doctor, to ensure that you’re making the right choice.


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