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CBD Products

CBD products have become all the rage over the past few years, with mentions of these hugely beneficial products becoming more and more common. However, despite increasing awareness of the potential CBD can offer to both humans and animals, there’s still plenty of myths and misconceptions of what these products can offer.

So, in an effort to try and establish the truth once and for all, let’s delve into the truth about CBD products and what they have to offer…

“CBD products will get you high.”

 Absolutely not.

The reason that people believe this is due to a common confusion relating to the difference between hemp products and marijuana products. CBD products are derived from hemp, not marijuana. While there are CBDs in marijuana, there’s far more THC; a psychoactive compound that produces the feeling of “being high”.

Our products, such as the CBD oil soft gels, do not contain THC at all. They will not get you “high”; instead, they will just deliver a wide range of therapeutic benefits.

Speaking of…

“CBD products only help people with anxiety.”

 This is a strange misconception that is tough to trace, but many people believe that CBD can only help people relax and ease anxiety. This link is likely to be a descendant of the confusion between marijuana and CBD.

Wherever it comes from, it’s untrue: CBD products offer a wide range of therapeutic benefits. Studies and anecdotal evidence has found that CBD can be beneficial for the following ailments:

  • Conditions causing chronic pain and inflammation, such as fibromyalgia or arthritis
  • Mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression
  • Chronic headache and migrainous conditions
  • Helps to relieve nausea, which is particularly beneficial to people undergoing chemotherapy
  • Promotes overall health thanks to its impact on homeostasis
  • … and many more besides

It is also worth noting that CBD oil has numerous benefits in terms of aesthetics, and is used in beauty products such as serums and other skincare products.

As the above clearly shows, CBD oil isn’t a treatment; it’s a way of promoting and enhancing wellness, the effects of which can be particularly beneficial for sufferers of certain conditions. However, anyone can benefit from the effects of CBD.

“CBD should only be used by adults.”CBD Products

 There’s no reason to restrict the use of CBD products to adults only— again, this myth likely finds its foundation in the confusion between CBD and marijuana. As CBD products do not cause any psychoactive effects, there’s no reason to restrict their usage to adults only. People of all ages are, with the right medical supervision, able to use CBD products effectively; and you can even try our products for animals to see how much of a positive impact they can make!

In conclusion

The world of CBD products is an extremely positive one, which offers many advantages to anyone who wishes to explore more. If you’ve never tried CBD before, it might just be time for you to shop our store and give it a try— we’re confident you’ll be delighted with the results.

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