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Hemp For Horses: A Natural Benefit

Hemp For Horses

We would like to be able to report that we have results from clinical studies of horses using hemp, but very few veterinarians know about hemp and even fewer would recommend using it as a therapy for arthritis, or insulin resistance, or inflammation, or skin problems, or for hard keepers.

So until hemp becomes more widely used and its benefits cannot be ignored, it is unlikely that we will see any clinical studies performed. Additionally, while hemp products for human consumption are readily available, there are very few dietary hemp products for animals, and those that are, are relatively new on the market with very few customers. Therefore, in an effort to collect data on how horses with health issues respond to hemp therapy, we first had to find some horses with health issues to use it on.

The makers of hemp for horses donated their product to two horse sanctuaries for neglected and abused horses in return for progress reports on the horses using it. We also talked to horse owners who have been able to look past the prejudice against hemp and see its extraordinary benefits when nothing else seemed to help. And while these are anecdotal cases, some involving more than just hemp help, they are very compelling. At Hooved Animal Sanctuary in Chelsea, Vermont, two horses were placed on hemp therapy. The first horse is an off-the-track 6-year-old Thoroughbred mare, Belle, who was lame in the hocks, short-strided, flat-footed in the front and possibly navicular, with a poor appetite and a bad attitude. She was placed on a therapeutic dose of hemp for 2 weeks and then placed on a maintenance dose.

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