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Improving Health With the Benefits Of Cbd Oil

It seems like recently there’s a new buzzword floating around the health and holistic fields lately. More and more people are talking, posting, recommending a new alternative to conventional pharmaceutical medicine. It’s legal in all 50 states and is usually much cheaper than normal prescriptions. CBD products, for humans and pets alike, is becoming a more popular go-to for things like anxiety, depression, inflammation, skin irritations, digestive issues, allergies, headaches and much more. Let’s take a look at why CBD has developed into such a booming industry.

Natural Alternative

All cannabis plants contain CBD and THC. THC is the part that makes your face feel funny. CBD stands for cannabidiol which is the more medicinal part of the plant. Our bodies actually have a endocannabinoid system which is has receptors specifically for properties of the cannabis plant. Why is this so amazing? In the same way eating vegetables and drinking water is good for you, it means that our bodies are meant to function with the help of CBD. We already have the internal system in place to process CBD for a wide array of functions. The same can’t be said of over the counter drugs or prescriptions. Many prescriptions taken daily can have short term and usually uncomfortable side effects. Not to mention what long term use of some could lead to. CBD however, has none, and is usually used to combat the side effects of certain things.  Along with already having the means to process CBD within our bodies, it’s also extremely natural. CBD can be ingested, inhaled, used topically and even used in the same way with animals. That is how safe it is.

All Over Use

The second biggest perk to using CBD is that it’s uses are far reaching. It’s used to help with a wide rage of medical conditions from mild anxiety/depression to severe epilepsy and cancer and everything in-between. This is all without the psychoactive effects that THC can cause making CBD oil perfect for children, pets and those that do not like the “high” feeling. As mentioned before, CBD can be ingested just as the oil itself and also baked or cooked into food. Recently it has also been marketed in a variety of topical options like lotions, salves, shampoo and so on. It can be inhaled or vaped.

CBD oil has all over use not just for humans. Animals benefits greatly from regular CBD oil use. Anyone whose taken their fur baby to the vet knows that even a simple allergy pill can cost a few hundred dollars. Many are turning to more holistic therapies for their pets to avoid high vet bills. The very things CBD oil can combat in humans it does as well with dogs, cats, horses and tons more. From topical lotion for skin rashes or allergies to ingestible treats for anxiety, mobility and digestive function.

Price Point

The last point we’ll mention is price point. For many, the cost of prescription medication is too high and they need a more affordable alternative. There are many that cannot afford health insurance so even the process to get a prescription of some kind is costly. With CBD oil, all you do is find a reputable seller. CBD oil is available in all 50 states and can be shipped anywhere giving anyone with an internet connection the means to find a company they like and make a purchase.

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