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Organic CBD

For the best possible results from cannabinoid usage, opting for organic CBD products will always deliver the best results.

What is organic hemp farming?


Organic farming has become something of a buzz phrase over recent years. The principles behind it, however, are incredibly simple:

  • Organic farming involves growing crops without the use of artificial compounds and harsh chemical solutions. By avoiding these, organic farming replicates the natural growth environment. Rather than controlling and shaping it through human-made means, the farmer encourages nature to do its work.
  • As a result of this dedication to the “natural way”, hemp plants that have been organically farmed are in their most natural, unaltered state. They are free from potentially problematic residues from pesticides and other products. This, in turn, delivers the safest, most effective form of the benefits that hemp offers. It is vastly preferable to modified plants.

All of the hemp plants used to produce our products have been organically grown. Rather than being “improved” with unnatural techniques, the plants grow as nature intended.

So how do we guarantee the best possible CBD products?

As we don’t use conventional improvement techniques, you may be wondering how we can make the claim above. How can we be sure of the quality of the products we produce?

It’s important to note that you never need chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and other compounds to produce good plants. They can, in fact, be detrimental to that goal — so in place of these techniques, we have perfected our range of methods. The result is a process that produces the best possible CBD products:

  • We use chromatography techniques to analyze and improve the chemical structure of the hemp we grow. This allows us to extract only the very best CBD chemicals from the plant, and leave behind the psychoactive THC. So when you buy our soft gels or tinctures, there will be none of the side effects that come with THC. What you get instead is nothing but beneficial CBDs.
  • We grow all of the plants we use in our products from clones rather than seeds. This  ensures a reliable end product, which will offer the same excellent components whenever you buy from us.
  • Additionally, we produce all of the plants we use in our products without the use of genetically modified organisms (GMO). This means the product you use will be 100% natural.

How does organic farming help you?

As a result of our dedication to organic, non-GMO farming, the products we produce for both people and animals offer:

  • Excellent bioavailability.
  • Three to five times the normal rate of absorption

These two factors together mean that our products offer you the quickest, most effective results they can. That’s especially impressive when compared against the many modified, non-organic products on the market.

So why not experience the difference that organic CBDs offer and try one of our products today? With our commitment to outstanding farming methods and zero-THC products, we’re sure you’ll be absolutely delighted with your decision to buy.

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