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You have likely heard of the benefits of CBD for humans, but what about our four-legged friends? Can they enjoy the same benefits we can?

The answer is a resounding “yes”, so let’s dive deeper into the topic and reveal the potential CBD has for your furry friends. Here’s everything you could possibly need to know about pet CBD, its usage, and what vets think about the idea…

Is CBD safe for pets?

This is an area that still requires study, but the general consensus is that yes, CBD is safe for pets. Like any product, there is always the potential for side effects and overdose, but used responsibly and under the care of a veterinarian, CBD can be an effective treatment for numerous conditions.

What conditions is CBD suitable for in pets?

Any condition that a human can treat with CBD – and which also occurs in animals – can benefit from pet CBD. Common examples include arthritis, joint pain, anxiety, cancers, and even epilepsy. Many pet owners have confirmed that pet CBD can be effective in helping to alleviate these conditions in animals.

What benefits does CBD treatment offer over conventional veterinary treatments?

  • Pet CBD is usually going to be more affordable than conventional veterinary treatments, especially for chronic conditions such as arthritis and cancer. The CBD remedies available for pets are far more cost-effective than expensive prescription medication issued by vets, so for owners on a budget, pet CBD may be the most effective choice.
  • There is plenty of anecdotal evidence to suggest that when you treat pets with CBD they will suffer fewer side effects. That’s especially the case when compared to the effects from conventional painkillers. Prescription painkillers can cause serious problems for animals, and owners are finding that CBD does not raise similar concerns. This improves quality of life for the pet in question, potentially exponentially.

How is CBD given to animals?

We stock a range of different products that can help deliver effective, therapeutic levels of CBD to your furry friends:

  • Oil tinctures, which lets you deposit drops of CBD oil directly into your pet’s mouth
  • Salve, which you can use directly on the skin for effective relief of a number of conditions
  • Hemp pellets contain CBD-rich powder shaped into pellets for effective administration to pets
  • Soft gels are a great choice and tend to be well-accepted by all kinds of pets
  • Dog treats are a great choice for quick, simple administration of beneficial CBD to your furry friend

Will these products get my pet “high”?

Many people wonder this, but the simple answer is: absolutely not. Our products do not contain any THC; the psychoactive chemical that causes a feeling of “being high”. The products come from hemp and contain only beneficial CBD chemicals, so there is absolutely no risk of your pets getting high when you use our products.

So if your pet has a chronic health condition — or you just want to help your furry friend maintain optimal health — then speak with your vet and try our products. We’re confident you, and your pet, will be happy with the results.

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