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CBD oil for pain

Pet Owner’s Guide on Using CBD Oil for Pain Management

You might be new to the world of CBD. Have you heard someone rave about how much his or her life has improved since they started taking CBD? Alternatively, perhaps you’ve heard the news about how to administer CBD oil for pain to pets. Can CBD’s healing properties help soothe their pet’s chronic pain too? The answers, in short, are yes.

CBD is safe and effective at treating a variety of ailments and feelings of discomfort that your pet may experience. CBD is regularly reported to have little to no known side-effects and absolutely will not get your pet ‘high’.

CBD oil for painIf you’re looking to help your pet with pain management or even your pet’s anxiety, we have all the information you’ll need to get your pet on the road to a healthier and happier life with CBD. Read on to learn if CBD is the right choice for your pet’s pain management needs.

What Can CBD Oil Be Used For?

CBD oil can be used to treat a variety of different conditions in your pet. Because the Federal Government has not discerned between CBD derived from industrial hemp and marijuana, getting research funding has been more difficult than other studies.

CBD has been shown to effectively treat Parkinsons, cancer, skin conditions, anxiety, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, epilepsy, and can also relieve pain. Despite its wide range of benefits, it has not been readily available to the public for very long.

For many years, medical marijuana, a member of the cannabis plant family, was considered taboo and left out of the conversation. In recent years, however, many Americans have been exposed to the life-saving benefits of all cannabis-derived CBD, found in either industrial hemp or marijuana, through social media and viral posts.

Recent viral videos showing the effectiveness of CBD in treating those who suffer from childhood epilepsy and Parkinson’s disease have changed the collective mind of the public. Today, the public is more aware of alternative treatments for what ails them.

Get to Know CBD

CBD, short for Cannabidiol, is a non-psychoactive derivative of industrial hemp. Unlike THC, CBD will not get you high. Although many people who are proponents of the legalization of recreational marijuana enjoy the effects of THC, there are plenty of medical marijuana patients who don’t want to feel high when taking their meds.

Yes, there are lots of people out there getting all the health benefits without any of the ‘munchies’ or ‘couch lock’ associated with THC.

It’s all thanks to advances in the cannabis industry that have made it possible to isolate the medicinal qualities of CBD, without having the ‘side effects’ of its psycho-active companion THC. In, short, hemp-derived CBD means you no longer have to get ‘stoned’ to get the benefits of medicinal cannabis.

What Pet-Owners Are Saying About CBD

Pet-owners who regularly use CBD to treat their animal detail significant improvements in their pets. Recently, the New York Times profiled pet-owners who have turned to CBD to help relieve the health issues of their pets.

Pet-owners who initially felt resistant to the idea of giving their pet a substance derived from cannabis, explain how their initial hesitation melted away after seeing the positive changes take effect.

One pet-owner said it best in talking about her initial concerns about CBD. She was afraid that CBD would get her senior cat ‘high’. The results, however, were anything but that. Her cat, which had suffered from a major personality change while dealing with the effects of arthritis, seemed to have a new lease on life. ‘Little Kitty’ never acted high, in fact quite the opposite. It seems the arthritic kitty was able to revert to the personality she had before the constant pain caused the change in her behavior.

CBD Oil for Pain

Using CBD for pain management is one of the most common applications for use. CBD helps pets with conditions ranging from arthritis to degenerative hips. If you haven’t used CBD for your pain management or health issues, you may find yourself feeling a bit unsure of what to expect or how much your pet will need to find relief.

CBD works by calming inflammation within the body. It does so through a process known as downregulation. This means that CBD downgrades many of the stress-related signals that your body communicates internally when you’re feeling sick or stressed. CBD acts on pain receptors and turns down the level of inflammation within the body. CBD contributes to the better regulation of the central nervous system and helps keep the body’s nerves from going haywire when pain signals are firing rapidly.

CBD for Humans vs. CBD for Pets: Is There a Difference?

Well, yes and no. While the CBD that you may be using for your health management may be the same as the kind you’ll be giving your pet, you should check to make sure there are no additional additives prohibited for use in animals. There are certain manufacturers of pet CBD products that you should use.

The CBD to THC ratio differs for CBD you use yourself and the kind you’ll give to your pet. You will want to make sure that the CBD formula you give your pet is low in THC.

Plantacea CBD products are always an excellent choice. This is because we make selecting the right product for your pet easy by separating our products into three distinct categories. One for humans and two designed specifically for animals.

Selecting the Right Formula for Your Pet’s Pain Management

Plantacea offers a selection of CBD products in three distinct categories. While one is specifically designed with humans in mind, there are two categories that cater to our animal friends.

Products designed for large animals like horses are kept in a separate part of our online store than the ones we’ve designed for smaller and furrier friends. Regardless of dosage size, all Plantacea CBD products are no more than (.3%) THC.

You can rest assured that all Plantacea products are free of any ingredients that could be potentially harmful to your pet.

CBD Dosage

It’s important that you understand CBD dosage before administering CBD to your pet. Small animals will need a smaller dosage than larger animals, so don’t give your chihuahua the same dosage you’d give a horse.

You can administer CBD to your pet in a variety of different forms. Plantacea CBD is currently available in formulas such as soft gels, tincture (oil), salves, and even treats.

Tincture Dosage for Pets:

If you’re using one of our tinctures designed for pets, we recommend the following dosage:

Pets under 25 pounds: .5 dropper per day (one-half dropper)

Pets 25-50 lbs: 1 dropper per day

50 – 75 lbs: 1.5 droppers per day

75 – 100 lbs: 2 droppers per day

Over 100 lbs: 2.5 droppers per day

Tinctures are a great form of CBD and can be an easy way to get your pet their desired dose. We recommend measuring out your dose using a small blunt tip syringe. You can then use the syringe to inject the CBD directly into a treat for maximum enjoyment!

If your pet is suffering from a lack of appetite it can be a good choice to use a calibrated plastic medicine dropper instead. This will allow you to deliver the CBD directly to them, without requiring them to make the effort to eat.

Soft Gels for Dogs:

Our pharmaceutical grade soft gels can offer dogs 40 lbs and up a lot of relief. We recommend the following dosage for your four-legged friend:

40-125 lbs 1 Capsule per day

Over 125 lbs 2 Capsules per day

Many owners prefer soft gels for administering CBD to their pets because our gel tabs make dosage easy and precise. This can be ideal for people who travel with their pets. This also makes it a bit easier on those who regularly use doggy day-care facilities.

If your dog doesn’t like taking medication in pill form, we recommend slipping our gel tabs inside a flavored pill pocket, which are available for purchase in most pet stores.

Treats for Dogs

If your dog finds it too difficult to swallow soft gels, CBD dog treats may be your best option. Dog treats are similar to the soft gels because the dosage is premeasured and therefore easy to administer.

Our CBD dog treats come in a delicious beef flavor that dogs love.

Dogs under 25lbs/11kg 1-2 treats per day

Dogs 25 – 75lb/11 – 34kg 2-4 treats per day

Dogs 75lb/34kg+ 4-6 treats per day.

These treats can make taking their medication a bit easier for pets who are wary of pills and pet parents who are tired of picking up half eaten pills. Just be careful and make sure that you store your CBD treats out of reach of Fido.

CBD Hemp Oil Salves for Pets

Salves derived from hemp oil are different from any of the previously mentioned products because they are designed for external use. Because of this, the dosage is quite different and doesn’t require the same sort of weight-based approach.

CBD salves can be applied liberally to the affected area for pain relief. CBD salve can be used to calm pain caused by dry cracked paws or to soothe tired or sore areas. Our Phytocannabinoid-rich salves are designed to be applied liberally and can also be used to encourage the healing of scabs or other small injuries.

CBD salves aren’t pure CBD, so when you’re making your salve selection, you should be sure that the other ingredients are high quality and all natural. Plantacea CBD hemp oil salves use natural essential oils, beeswax, and coconut oil to create the perfect vehicle for CBD delivery.

Additional Benefits of CBD

If your pet is suffering from cancer, CBD can provide more than just pain relief. If your dog has cancer or has had cancerous cells removed in the past, CBD can help extend your dog’s life.

CBD has been found to be a powerful drug in preventing the spread of cancer cells. CBD has even been found to contribute to the death of cancer cells, giving your pet a greater chance of remission.

In addition to its pain-relieving benefits, CBD can help keep your pet live longer. CBD could even help save your beloved pet’s life.

Why Should You Order CBD?

CBD is an all natural remedy perfect for relieving the pain experienced by pets. Our senior pets can enjoy an enhanced chance at mobility and better overall quality of life through CBD.

CBD is a safe and effective treatment that you can use to treat multiple ailments within your pet without worrying about harmful side effects or drug interactions.

Our pets make our lives so full and are regarded by so many as a member of the family. Why not offer them the all natural comfort and pain relief made possible by non-psychoactive CBD?

Additionally, CBD oil for pain is available without a prescription to all 50 states, so getting the medication that your pet needs doesn’t mean you’ll have to spend hundreds of dollars at the vet every time your pet needs a medication refill.

If you are 18 years or older, click here to learn more about purchasing some of our pain-relieving offerings designed for your pet. We can help you get your pet started on a CBD based therapy today.

For more information on our company, our mission statement and why we believe CBD is the medicine of the future, click here.

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