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At Kahm CBD, we have regulated and independently tested CBD products for people, their horses, and furry friends. If you are worried that CBD in dogs or cats can cause a “high” effect – something that would be detrimental for your pet – worry not. This is why we formulate Broad Spectrum products that don’t contain any THC. For the uninitiated, THC is the main psychoactive active compound in cannabis that makes you “high.”

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CBD In Dogs & Cats: How Effective It Is?

Almost 7% of Americans are now using CBD regularly and this number is estimated to grow to 10% by 2025. Despite the fact that FDA has only approved the use of CBD to treat epilepsy, there is growing evidence that CBD oil may be an effective treatment for many ailments in both humans and animals. Thousands of pet parents are using CBD for a variety of issues including:

  • Chronic Discomfort
  • Storms
  • Inflammation
  • To promote Stress Relief
  • Any many other health and behavioral issues

You can find a large selection of CBD products for dogs, cats, and horses at Kahm CBD. We offer broad spectrum CBD products for pets that are extracted from selective hemp plants grown at organic farms around the US. Why broad spectrum? They include all of the compounds present in a hemp plant – except THC. THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) which is completely removed after the initial extraction process.

Why Choose Kahm CBD Products For Your Pet?

Because our pets are an integral part of our family and we only give our family the absolute best. We are extremely diligent in choosing hemp plants from farms that strictly adhere to organic farming practices. Each of our products undergoes multiple tests in an ISO-Accredited, independent lab in Nevada.

Kahm CBD products for pets come in several options:

We Care About Your Pets As Much As You Do

Before we established this brand, we noticed that there were practically no premium-grade CBD products available online specifically for horses, dogs and cats. As pet parents ourselves, that kind of rubbed us the wrong way.

Every product available on Kahm CBD website is something we – and our beloved pets – use ourselves. Our commitment to providing the very best in quality doesn’t come from a desire to “dominate the market”. It comes from our love for those who love us unconditionally and bring a boatload of joy to our lives no matter how tough it gets.

Consistent, Organic, and Cruelty-Free CBD Products For Your Ball of Fur!

Every batch of Kahm CBD is ensured to have the most potent and consistent formulation as part of our stringent quality control practices. We only use non-GMO, organic, and cruelty-free ingredients for each of our CBD soft chews, pellets, and tinctures. If you have any questions about our product offerings, feel free to call us at 702-635-8899 or check out our store online.

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