Poultice for Horses

Poultice for Horses

Our poultice for horses is made from a proprietary blend of bentonite and french green clays. Add in the benefits of aloe vera, with the cooling sensation from eucalyptus, power pack this poultice with water-soluble CBD and you’ve got a recipe for success!


Our poultice for horses is made from a proprietary blend of bentonite and french green clay. Add in the benefits of aloe vera, with the cooling sensation from eucalyptus, power pack this poultice with 500mg of water-soluble CBD, and you've got a recipe for success!


What is a Poultice?

Using a poultice is an age-old tradition dating back to early Egyptians. A poultice is a soft, pliable paste made of clay. Poultice is different than a liniment, which is usually a liquid or gel. Typical use for a liniment is for short periods of time, after a work-out or bath, and often times uses menthol as a main ingredient. While poultice for horses can be either, warming or cooling, and left on for longer. Poultice for horses is commonly used under wraps such as "no bows." Think of a poultice like the concept of a mud mask used on your face. A good face mask will be cooling, tightening, and remove any puffiness. But instead of their face, horses need help in their lower limbs which are the furthest from their heart and are the area with the worst circulation.


Why use a Poultice for Horses?

Commonly referred to as "mud," this age-old technique of using poultice for horses has been a tried-and-true tool for horse owners alike. Every horseman has inevitably walked up to their horses and found an area of sensitivity, or heat and is "puffy." A horse's skin is significantly more sensitive than ours and can often times need a topical product to provide support for the issue at hand. This can often be the legs, stifles, SI's, or your farrier might say you need a hoof pack. That is the perfect time for you reach for Kahm's poultice for horses with the added benefits of CBD. poultice-on-hind-leg-of-horse


How Does our Poultice for Horses Work?

Generally, a poultice for horses works by aiding the removal of debris below the surface in an area with fluid, heat, or an injury. By working to increase the blood flow to the area, and therefore helping to improve circulation. A poultice can work quickly to aid in removing fluid build-up, or puffiness. Taking into account the other ingredients in our poultice and their benefits, this is a great all-around product for all horses with many different concerns. This is often beneficial to the horse owner who is looking for a convenient and quick method of application for the lower limbs and sometimes even the back of a horse.


Types of Clay used in our Poultice

Our saying goes "Not all CBD is created equal," the same goes for the clay used in making our poultice for horses. While there are many clays available, we have narrowed it down to the best two. We use two types of clay, Bentonite and French Green Clay. Bentonite clay is known for both its absorbing and adsorbing properties. Our "blended" clay poultice has the best clays known for absorbing toxins and impurities.  French Green clay is a great addition to bentonite and increases rejuvenation properties. It has been noted that bentonite clay alone can sometime be irritating too the skin. Using a blended clay with both bentonite and french green clay is the most beneficial for horses because of their sensitive skin.


How to apply Poultice for Horses

  • To apply to the body of the horse, make sure the area is clean to start. You may choose to wear gloves during application, but it is not necessary for anything other than to keep your hands clean. Then apply up to a 1/4" layer of the poultice for horses on the affected area. Then leave the poultice on until dry or until desired amount of time. Finally, rinse with water to remove.
  • To use as a hoof pack, first clean out the hoof. Then apply our poultice for Horses to the bottom of the soul or the entire surface inside of the shoe. Make sure to completely cover the bottom of the hoof. Lastly, wrap the entire hoof with vet rap, and follow it with duct tape or a soft ride boot to ensure the pack holds in place for desired amount of time.


When to Use Poultice for Horses

Using a poultice for horses is either a tale as old as time in your barn, or something you're not familiar with. As horse owners ourselves, we know that the only time another horse owner will a try a product is if it it has been tested and tried buy a trusted source. We're here to tell you, this poultice for horses was sent to many horse owners that are a part of a multitude of disciplines. The results were unanimous! This poultice for horses WORKS. There will come a time where you will walk out and find your horses just isn't quite right, that's when it's time to use our poultice. Here are a few reasons we would reach for this poultice for horses:


  • Stocking Up
  • Heat
  • Puffiness
  • Hot Spots
  • Tenderness
  • Bumps
  • Abnormalities
  • After Heavy Exercise
  • Before Hauling

Types of Horses to use this Poultice on

Our poultice for horses is for use on horses of all disciplines, sizes, and ages. First, it is a great way to get young horses used to something foreign on their legs by using this poultice. This is a great starting point in desensitizing before advancing to wraps. Or use this poultice for horses on older or retired horses to help with the effects of aging. Competing horses, ranch horses, or horses in medium to hard work will greatly benefit from this poultice for horses. Last, but not least don't forget about horses in recovery. It is versatile and easy to apply, so that no matter whether you're training, working, or competing you've got exactly what you need with this poultice for horses.

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