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    Sometimes you just want to read it, hold it, and touch it.

    We understand the importance of the seeing things in person, and being able to speak in person to ask questions. As an e-commerce platform first and foremost we’ve set up our business to have exceptional customer service with the goal to exceed your expectations. But we also know the value in making one stop for all your horse and pet needs, as well as being able to ask the local businesses that you trust about a certain product. That is why we’ve partnered with over 250 stores to bring our amazing CBD for horses to YOU.


    Building Trust Through Transparency

    We know the CBD industry can seem like the wild west at times. Our recommendation is to always do your research. It’s important to select a company that makes CBD for horses with the highest quality ingredients. That starts with organically grown hemp, sourced within the United States. Here at Kahm, we pride ourselves on beings one of the first companies to make CBD for horses. We’ve been doing this a long time now, and our motto remains the same, “build trust through transparency.” We started our business in a tiny apartment, and we’ve worked to build our brand coast to coast. All of the foundation of trust. First, the highest quality ingredients. Organically grown hemp, straight from Oklahoma is the first ingredient in our “recipe for success.” Pair that with industry experience, formulate innovative products that work, and finish with 3rd-Party Lab testing and you’ve got the best of the best. You’ll find all of our certificates of analysis on the website under each product, as we lead the way in the CBD industry by “building trust through transparency.” You don’t need to worry about what is in your products with Kahm. 


    Brand Partners

    We’ve worked hard to hand select the best stores across the U.S. to partner with to bring our CBD for horses and CBD for dogs to you in person. These stores have vetted us, asked the hard questions, and taken the time to educate themselves on CBD for horses. These are trusted brand partners of Kahm.