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cbd for dog anxiety

Using CBD For Dog Anxiety: Does it Really Work?

cbd for dog anxiety

As of the year 2017, statistics show that there are 89.7 million dogs currently living in the U.S. A dog is known to be a man’s best friend, and they are a trendy choice for pets in the United States.

Some dogs are calm and good-natured while others are more skittish and nervous. These anxious reactions can be connected to stimulation caused by sounds, smells or the activity of new strangers nearby.

Dogs can get very anxious and act unusually aggressive if their stress levels are high enough. Hemp-derived CBD is a natural extract –taken in the form of oils and treats– that have become extremely popular at alleviating that stress. Here is what you need to know about CBD oil for anxiety.

Symptoms of Anxiety Include:

1. Panting and shaking -these are common reactions to exciting or scary situations involving new places, people, or going for car rides.

2. Urinating or defecating in the home -housetraining goes out the door when your dog is anxious, and it can be very upsetting when he or she has an accident.

3. Hiding and avoiding others -a dog will cower and hide when noise or situations frighten it.

4. Excessive licking and chewing -another symptom that is very similar to the obsessive-compulsive disorder and needs immediate intervention to prevent a dog from harming itself.

5. Excessive comfort-seeking -some dogs will want to stay close to their owners and be comforted and given lots of attention.

6. Restlessness and pacing- we have all seen this in animals at the zoo and dogs also get restless and pace when feeling anxiety.

7. Chewing your things -destructive behavior may look like the dog is intentionally being naughty, but anxiety is one main reason why your dog may be damaging your house.

8. Barking, howling and otherwise making a lot of noise -which is the most extreme reaction of anxiety in dogs. Your dog will just cause a ruckus and be getting vocal about their genuine fears.

Traditional Remedies:

Many pet physicians are likely to treat anxiety in dogs with a myriad of medications, tablets, and calming collars. Your veterinarian may advise you on the best way to help your dog to feel less anxious and calmer.

A lot of pet owners are aware of the adverse side effects of medications, and they wish to try natural alternatives. Pharmaceutical side effects are many: depression, insomnia, drowsiness, vomiting, diarrhea, seizures, trembling, being too hyper, and more. Dog owners want choices other than prescription medications.


There are many natural alternatives available on the market today. Cannabinoid oil is one such option. Also known as CBD Oil, it can treat anxiety in both humans and animals alike.

As always, talk to your pet’s veterinarian before you administer any CBD oil. Due to the laws in your state, cannabis may not be legal unless you have a particular card to buy medical marijuana. A lot of veterinarians are not allowed to recommend CBD oil, and possibly a vet may not be supportive of its use to help your dog. Be aware of this when you take your dog to the next vet appointment.

Tincture Dosage for Pets

If you’re using one of our tinctures designed for pets, we recommend the following dosage:

Pets under 25 pounds: .5 dropper per day (one-half dropper)

Pets 25-50 lbs: 1 dropper per day

50 – 75 lbs: 1.5 droppers per day

75 – 100 lbs: 2 droppers per day

Over 100 lbs: 2.5 droppers per day

Tinctures are a great form of CBD and can be an easy way to get your pet their desired dose. We recommend measuring out your dose using a small blunt tip syringe. You can then use the syringe to inject the CBD directly into a treat for maximum enjoyment!

If your pet is suffering from a lack of appetite it can be a good choice to use a calibrated plastic medicine dropper instead. This will allow you to deliver the CBD directly to them, without requiring them to make the effort to eat.

Soft Gels for Dogs

Our pharmaceutical grade soft gels can offer dogs 40 lbs and up a lot of relief. We recommend the following dosage for your four-legged friend:

40-125 lbs 1 Capsule per day

Over 125 lbs 2 Capsules per day

Many owners prefer soft gels for administering CBD to their pets because our gel tabs make dosage easy and precise. This can be ideal for people who travel with their pets. This also makes it a bit easier on those who regularly use doggy day-care facilities.

If your dog doesn’t like taking medication in pill form, we recommend slipping our gel tabs inside a flavored pill pocket, which are available for purchase in most pet stores.

Treats for Dogs

If your dog finds it too difficult to swallow soft gels, CBD dog treats may be your best option. Dog treats are similar to the soft gels because the dosage is premeasured and therefore easy to administer.

Our CBD dog treats come in a delicious beef flavor that dogs love.

Dogs under 25lbs/11kg 1-2 treats per day

Dogs 25 – 75lb/11 – 34kg 2-4 treats per day

Dogs 75lb/34kg+ 4-6 treats per day.

CBD Oil for Anxiety

Sometimes our pets can be spooked by loud noises, uncommon guests, or even other animals. When our pups appear to be dealing with constant anxiety, it might be time to intervene. Luckily, CBD Hemp Oil is a great way to help our furry friends calm down and relax. Now through a completely natural and organic treatment, man’s best friend has help calming down during situations like traveling in the car, loud firecrackers, lightning strikes, and several other unnerving situations.

Once your pup has begun CBD, you’ll see that their mood has changed and they’re happier than before. CBD can help when you’re ready to go on a vacation. It can even help dogs who have been rescued from abusive homes and now suffer from anxiety. Owners are often surprised to see their aggressive, untrainable, or fearful dog has changed.

No Known Side Effects

As previously mentioned, CBD is entirely natural and organic. This oil is non-psychoactive and has no known side effects.

Using CBD For Dog Anxiety

CBD oil can change your dog’s life for the better. It can take some time for your dog’s condition to improve. Keep this in mind during the treatment stage, and keep open communication with your dog’s veterinarian concerning its health.

We hope that our product will show you just how amazing natural remedies can be. Visit our website to shop for CBD products that alleviate dog anxiety. We are ready and waiting to assist you today!

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