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cbd oil for pets

Want to Give CBD to Your Pets? Here’s What You Should Know First

cbd oil for pets

The benefits of cannabis products and the fight to legalize them have been in the news a lot lately.

But among the discussions about treating seizures or fighting cancer, some advocates have been suggesting another use for CBD products; treating pets.

From fighting pain to reducing anxiety, the options for using CBD oil for pets are numerous. But if you’re thinking about using it to fight your own four-legged friend’s ailments, there are a few things you need to know first.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about CBD oil for pets so that you can make the right choice for any animals in your life.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil, or cannabis oil, is a liquid that is derived from the cannabis plant. The oil is actually found in the flower of the cannabis plant. The flowers contain trichomes, which are glands in plants that excrete essential oils.

Once extracted, CBD oil has a number of known uses.

CBD oil has been a popular remedy for a number of human ailments for many years. More recently, pet owners have turned to CBD oil as a natural solution for treating their pets’ ailments.

So far, CBD oil has shown promising results in treating dogs, cats, and even horses, though it’s likely that it could be used to treat any number of other animals as well.

Will My Pet Get High?

CBD oil sometimes gets a bad reputation, largely because many people don’t understand exactly what it is.

While CBD oil comes from cannabis plants, also sometimes referred to as marijuana plants. But that doesn’t mean that CBD oil is in any way related to high-inducing forms of marijuana.

Cannabis plants actually contain more than 80 different substances, also known as cannabinoids. One of these cannabinoids is CBD oil. Another cannabinoid is THC.

What is THC?

THC is the cannabinoid known for producing a high when ingested. THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is the only psychoactive component of the cannabis plant. When you take away THC from cannabis, it no longer produces the high.

Some growers who produce cannabis plants with the goal of getting high have bred plants to have high levels of THC. However, hemp is another popular byproduct of cannabis plants.

Those who grow cannabis to produce hemp still use plants that are lower in THC, making it easier to extract CBD oil without THC, or with very little if that is the goal.

Depending on the type of CBD oil you choose, it will contain very little or even no THC. If the product contains no THC, it does not matter how much is taken, no high will ever be produced.

Why You Should Consider a CBD Oil Without THC

Even CBD oil with THC will not cause your pet to get high, as long as it is taken in the correct dosage. However, dogs, cats, and other small animals are extremely sensitive to THC. Even a small amount can cause a reaction.

To make sure that there is no chance of accidentally overdosing your pet and causing a high or other ill-effects, it’s best to choose a CBD oil that does not contain THC. That way there is no chance of your pet accidentally getting high.

Is CBD Oil Legal?

Whether or not CBD oil is legal is more complicated than a simple yes or no answer. That’s because many cannabis products that are illegal in certain states are illegal because of one key ingredient; THC.

If a product contains less than 0.3 percent THC, it is considered a hemp product. There are no regulations on the production, sale, or use of hemp products, which would make CBD oils classified as such completely legal throughout the U.S.

If a CBD oil contains more than 0.3 percent THC, it is no longer considered a hemp product. So it is imperative that the manufacturer stay withing this percentage requirement to remain in compliance with states where the product is legally sold.

However, veterinarians in many areas are still legally prohibited from advocating for the use of CBD oil for their patients. This is the case even with CBD oil that contains no THC and is legally considered a hemp product.

Many animal rights activists are working to get the laws that prohibit vets from recommending CBD products thrown out.

In the meantime, if you are looking for advice on using CBD oil for your pets, your best option is to seek out a holistic veterinarian practice in your area.

What are Some of the Uses of CBD Oil for Pets?

While no official studies have been conducted, CBD oil has shown promising results in treating a variety of ailments that pets experience.

In fact, it’s recommended to treat many of the same ailments and illnesses seen in people and pets.

Common Ailments That Can be Treated With CBD Oil

CBD oil has been shown to having a calming effect for both pets and people suffering from anxiety. CBD oil for dogs and other animals may help to reduce anxiety associated with noise sensitivity, such as from fireworks, as well as anxiety and stress from travel.

It may even help to reduce nausea in pets who get carsick.

CBD for dogs and other pets, as well as for humans, can reduce inflammation and pain caused by any number of other problems.

It is a great, natural way to treat discomfort and pain from common issues associated with aging, such as arthritis. It has even been shown to reduce the symptoms of chronic pain experienced by humans.

CBD Oil and Seizures

While CBD oil is largely known for its calming and pain-fighting benefits, research has also shown that it may be useful for treating more serious ailments, such as seizures.

While more research has been done on its use by humans at this point, studies have proven that low doses of CBD oil are effective at reducing seizures in those suffering from rare, tough to treat disorders.

In fact, earlier this year, a panel for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration unanimously voted that a medication containing cannabis oil be recommended as a treatment for epilepsy.

With CBD oil becoming more widely accepted by doctors and researchers across the country, it’s likely only a matter of time before similar research is done to encourage the use of cannabis products to treat ailments and illnesses in pets as well.

In the meantime, pet owners across the country have already begun using CBD oil for dog seizures with success.

Fighting Cancer

While research is still ongoing, some studies have shown that CBD oil might be effective at fighting cancer.

The oil may help the immune system fight back against cancer cells while also blocking the ability of cancer cells to produce energy.

In conjunction with other cancer-fighting treatments, CBD oil is promising in supporting and increasing the performance of these treatments.

What Should You Look For When Choosing CBD Oil for a Pet?

You already know that it is a good idea to look for a CBD oil that does not contain THC. But there are a few other important details you need to know to choose the right CBD oil for your pet.

As when choosing any natural product, its a good idea to choose one that does not contain GMOs.

Research has shown that GMOs in pet foods and treats can have harmful effects on our furry friends. While there has yet to be specific research on the subject, it’s best to steer clear of GMOs in cannabis oil as well.

If you’re like many pet owners, you want to know where your dog, cat, or other pets’ food has come from. For that reason, many pet owners choose organic products, grown without pesticides and other toxic chemicals that could make your pet ill.

Choosing a CBD oil that is derived from organically grown hemp products is a smart choice.

What is the Difference Between CBD Oil and Hemp Oil?

If you’ve searched the web for healthy products for your pet, you’ve likely come across hemp oil alongside CBD oil on lists of options. But hemp oil, also known as hemp seed oil, has different purposes than CBD oil.

While CBD oil is derived from the flower of the cannabis plant, hemp oil comes from the seeds of the hemp plant, which are cannabis plants grown specifically for cultivating hemp.

Hemp oil for dogs and other pets is more of a healthy additive for food than a medical treatment. Hemp oil is packed with healthy, unsaturated fats, including omega 6 and omega 3.

Hemp oil has a nutty taste, making it ideal for using in cooking or mixing into foods for pets or humans.

How Do You Use CBD Oil on Your Pet?

When it comes to using CBD oil to treat an illness or other ailments that your pet is experiencing, you have several options.

One is by using the actual oil. You can administer this orally to your pet, either by dropping it directly in their mouth or by mixing it into their normal food.

But if you’re worried your pet won’t take it in this way, there are other products that can help.

If your pet is experiencing pain in a specific part of their body, you could choose a CBD salve. This can be applied directly to your pet’s skin in the area that hurts, such as around arthritic joints.

Another option is dog treats that contain CBD oil. These are ideal for pets who might be suffering from a variety of symptoms, or those that can’t be treated with a salve applied directly to the skin.

CBD soft gels are also ideal for this type of treatment. If your dog or cat is picky about his or her treats, these may be easier to administer. You can easily hide them within your pet’s favorite snack, like peanut butter, cheese, or their normal treats.

Are There Any Dangers of Using CBD Oil?

As with any medication for pets or people, overdosing is often the biggest threat.

Choosing a CBD oil without THC can help keep an overdose from becoming deadly. But it’s still a good idea to follow the recommended dosage for any CBD oil product to reduce the chance of your pet having any bad reactions.

All pets react differently to different products, including everything from foods to medications. That’s why it’s always a good idea to start small when introducing something new into their diet or medication routine.

Small doses of a new product are best. This will give you a chance to watch for any side effects before a larger dose is given.

There are several signs in particular that you should watch for. One is a dry mouth. While this can be tough to detect, if you notice that your pet seems to be drinking more than normal, this could be one sign of an issue.

Another sign that something isn’t quite right is tremors. It may appear as though your pet is shaking even though they don’t seem to be nervous or cold. Dizziness or drowsiness can also be indicators that your pet is having a reaction to a new medication.

If you notice these or other signs that something might be wrong, its best to give your vet a call to see whether he or she thinks your pet might be having a reaction.

Making the Decision to Use CBD Oil to Treat Your Pet

Whether your dog, horse, or other pet is suffering from severe anxiety, pain, seizures, or other conditions, CBD oil can be a great treatment option.

But choosing whether or not its the right treatment for your pet is up to you.

Depending on where you live, there may be roadblocks to obtaining CBD oil. But laws are being changed across the country every day that allow people and pets alike to reap the benefits of cannabis products.

In the meantime, CBD products that don’t contain THC are still a safe bet for both pets and people.

If you’re ready to start searching for solutions for you or your pets’ ailments or illnesses, we can help. Shop our selection of THC-free, organic, GMO-free CBD products today!

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